One Bad Apple Release

Today is the release day for Rachel Kovaciny‘s latest, One Bad Apple. I’m happy to review it here as part of her One Bad Apple Virtual Book Tour and there’s a giveaway!

Here is a link you can use to enter the giveaway. Try to win  one of three prize packs in celebration of the release. 🙂 Plus here are a bunch of links provided by the author. As you know, I’m a fan. 

A Synopsis

When a wagon train of Black pioneers rescues the seven orphaned Dalton cousins from the side of the trail, it seems like an answer to their prayers. As they roll west toward Kansas, fourteen-year-old Levi Dalton is dazzled by the beautiful Mrs. Mallone. She’s a healer, and her knowledge of medicines and herbs inspires Levi to want to become a doctor. Maybe then he can stop people from dying of fevers and illnesses like his folks did. 
But Mrs. Mallone’s stepdaughter, Hopeful, warns Levi not to become too attached to the healer. Levi dismisses her warnings and his own misgivings until the day he sees something dreadful. 
Levi knows he needs to tell someone what he’s seen before it’s too late. But will anyone believe the story of a fourteen-year-old orphan? Will anyone stand up to evil, no matter how beautifully it’s packaged?

One Bad Apple Review

I really love the latest installment of the Once Upon a Western series by Rachel Kovaciny. Best one yet. Tensions and griefs, hopes and fears were all handled well: smoothly and convincingly. Powerful use of flashback. I was invested in the characters, who spanned spectrums of background, temperament, profession, etc.

It was very satisfying. Elements of nostalgia, tenderness, and keen advice. I could have tasted that apple! I was really drawn in.

I appreciated the care with which this was written, and I love that additional resources are included at the end for further study. 

 Easy to give this 5 stars. Whether you typically reach for westerns or not, this one is for you!

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  1. I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for joining the book tour 🙂

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