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This past weekend my husband, mother, and I worked on the church library. 🙂 We got to fill up two new, really nice (!) wooden shelves! Anyway, among the gems we ran across what appears to be a bunch of old Lutheran novels! Woo hoo! My Christmas reading may have just gotten hard core Lutheran! 😉 Below is a review of Mistletoea much newer Lutheran novella on this year’s Christmas reading list.

You may not care, but here’s a little background. You know me. I get a bunch of free kindle books from BookBub, and, since I’m behind in, well, perhaps all things, including teaching my five-year old how to tie her shoelaces, I’m looking forward to catching up on reading over our homeschooling Christmas break. Here’s my game plan: end of the library forward.

With two exceptions:

  1. Books I’ve started I can continue
  2. Christmas reading

Which brings us to Mistletoe (Clairmont Series Book 4). I meant to read it ages ago, but, you know, it just sounded so Christmasy! It’s author, S. Jane Scheyder, is a Lutheran author married to an LCMS pastor.

Review of Mistletoe (Clairmont Series Book 4)

This is one of those books I got and saved for Christmas reading. As expected, it was a nice, heartwarming read, eliciting a few girlish giggles on my part. It really helped me relax after a rough day while getting me into a more festive mood for the holidays. Short, sweet, and nicely whimsical.

I am a big weirdo who apparently started in the middle of a series rather than the beginning. That kind of spoils the endings of the earlier books, but, honestly? I enjoyed the reading and characters enough that I hope to go back and start the series from the beginning. I’m not someone who reads just for the ending–I like the experience and seeing how things piece together. I really enjoyed this nice, chaste romance, and you can tell that the author has put a lot of work and thought into the community and personalities involved.

I can happily recommend this for light romance reading!

PS. LCMS Pastor Christopher Matthis has kindly offered a copy of his latest book, In the Shadow of the Cross: Sermons for Lent and Holy Week, for a Christmas giveaway through this blog. Woo hoo! To enter this giveaway, comment on this linked post for a chance to win the copy. Only those with USA or USA military addresses are eligible.

PPS. Let me know if you have any Christmas reading recommendations, Lutheran or otherwise. Heavy, light, or anything in between. 🙂 Who knows what I’ll be in the mood for?

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