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Agents often hear from people who think they can write across genre lines–doing it all–and, well, it doesn’t sound like agents ever believe it. Makes sense. It takes more discipline to do one thing well than it does to try various things for shorter amounts of time. And, if an author can’t self-critique well, they may not be ready for an agent yet. So, my question for you is how did you go about finding your genre(s)?

Was it self-evident? Is it broad enough to include several subgenres? Did it come naturally to you?

Is this something worth thinking out for the hobbyist? Is overthinking a hindrance, overwhelming the good that could come from it?

Should we just be free and try experimentation?

Honestly, I like my ideas better than my writing. I keep notes on ideas for all sorts of things. Some things are definitely out for me, but I do tend to dream big. I have a can-do attitude. But yesterday my husband asked me what my expertise is, my focus or area, and I couldn’t answer. What do I want to be known for?

I thought I knew. Then I was shocked when I couldn’t come up with a single thing.

The discussion led me to both mental gymnastics and a better understanding of my why.

I don’t expect you to particularly care about my own experience, but what the train of thought did for me is help me to see ways to pivot. It’s like I have a better understanding of how my project ideas can build off each other to do what I want to do: reveal everyday theology. I want to add to lay-discussion and help equip for theological conversations, especially those that comfort and support.

Ironically, in all the thinking I’ve done, I’m taking better notes than writing actual sentences and paragraphs. 🙂 You’ll forgive me, right? (I’m so thankful so many notes are flowing!!)

Anyway, I’d love to hear about how you’ve figured out “finding your genre(s),” too! Feel free to share if you’re inclined.

Otherwise, happy writing, folks!

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  1. My genre was kinda easy for me to find; I’ve loved historical settings for as long as I’ve wanted to write, and my grandmother got me into Christian Fiction with a 1920s CPH offering entitled “Natalie”. 🙂

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