The Forgiveness Journal

A new Lutheran children’s book hit the market . . . let’s see, about ten days ago, and I’ve already received my copy. Alison AndreasenPW and Lutheran educator, has published The Forgiveness Journalaimed at maybe eight and younger.

Review of The Forgiveness Journal

Delightful, realistic-style drawings give this book a great feel for both elementary kids and younger. The content is based on a great idea! Namely, that a young girl briefly writes a forgiveness journal, keeping track of different times she hears “I’m sorry” and “I forgive you.” And, the result is a charming, applicable piece that both meets a child where he or she is while also encouraging them to worship God and forgive.

Several things I love about this book:

  • It keeps to a Lutheran understanding, including the line, “Take drink; this is Christ’s blood for the forgiveness of your sins.”
  • It’s written simply enough for young children to understand.
  • It’s also written in such a way as to encourage an older child to consider doing the same! Keeping a forgiveness journal and talking about entries with parents! 

If that doesn’t automatically thrill you, let me remind you that we want our children to talk with parents. We want our kids taking what they learn in church, Sunday school, and any other religious instruction and applying it to their lives. Christians want to raise up fellow Christians and talking about forgiveness can be so strengthening and building for people of any age!

My seven-year-old daughter particularly liked when the brother and sister laughed until their tummies hurt. My nine-year-old daughter tilted her head thoughtfully and said, “That was a really good book.”

If you want any sort of religious material for elementary-aged children or younger, this might be a perfect place to start. It isn’t heavy-handed in its writing. It is just right.

Thank you, Alison, for writing this book, and thank you for writing so my kids can read it even as they get older!


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  1. Lisa Stapp

    I’m thinking this would also be good enough for ADULTS. WE are the children who seem to most problem with forgiveness…

  2. Good point, Lisa!

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