Automatic Boycott

I read Amazon reviews. I don’t always trust them, but I read them with interest. Imagine my horror, however, when I read this one: “Anyone who ‘receives a complimentary copy’ whether or not for a review automatically makes my “do not buy” list. Automatic boycott.”

I was so mad!! Seriously?! A common marketing practice, which shows a great deal of honesty by the way, and it merits an automatic boycott?!

Irony of ironies, the comment was on a free Kindle book!

Ok, ok. Someone said something on the Internet and now I have to be angry and vague about it, publishing it far beyond the attention it deserves. I know. But here me out: I found a somewhat positive spin for it, and that’s why I’m mentioning this to you.

We cannot please everyone. And, really, there isn’t much incentive to try anymore. People can get stuck on just about anything, including review copies apparently.

Life isn’t a game, and, my friends, that is very good news. We certainly walk and run along the path, but, thanks be to God, that Jesus is the winner. Jesus has already crossed the finish line. Jesus has attained an imperishable victory, so that we no longer “run aimlessly” or “box as one beating the air” (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). Meanwhile it sure feels like we’re in the wilderness now (1 Corinthians 10).

Boy, this world makes me shake my head sometimes. Apparently, we’re now supposed to have automatic boycotts on the ready! Guess I’d better work up my own list. MINE, however, will not be against review copies. I love me some review copies! I love me BOOKS! And, if I don’t like them, I don’t have to read them. Amazing! 😉 It’s almost . . . gasp . . . a self-regulating system!

Tell you what, folks. A mood like this? I may as well work on tax prep! lol

Happy reading and writing, but, please, take all negative reviews with a grain—or heap—of salt! We cannot assume reviews are from like-minded individuals!


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  1. I laughed out loud at, “It’s almost…gasp…a self-regulating system.” So true.

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