Augustine the Hippo

I meant to blog this last week! How did I let so much time slip by?! Want to read a clever and cute children’s text posted on another writer’s blog? Let me introduce you to Augustine the Hippo.

I would totally buy this for my children and squeal in delight to receive it.

Anyone want to illustrate it? I join the author,  in thinking that would be AWESOME!

No matter what, I’m glad to remind you of Rev. Kornacki’s existence. He is, as you can tell, a pastor, as well as a hymn writer, author, and novelist. 🙂 (I say that to mean he’s published both fiction and non-fiction.)

Interested in more than a blog post/ children’s book sampling from him? Check out the following:

Meanwhile, I hope Augustine the Hippo can visit my kiddos someday, whether to teach them a lesson or to make them smile like I am!

Thanks for all you do, Rev. Kornacki! Warm wishes to you!

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