Writing Spring Cleaning

Ok, writers. Are we in this together? I’m finding that I’m a bit too scattered these days. I have some spring cleaning to do that is specifically to my writing projects! How about you? Any writing spring cleaning planned?

Here are my writing spring cleaning goals. Let me know how they look to you. (If they’re sensible, helpful, etc.)

  • Collect notes scattered throughout the house, not missing those . . .
    • By my bedside
    • In my purse
    • In coat pockets
    • Behind my computer
  • Review my Top Five (I’m trying to focus on three to five projects a year, but it isn’t quite working that way)
    • Check status of each project.
      • If I can move it forward, keep it Top Five.
      • If it’s pending, ie., I sent it in my application for an agent, I may create a pending folder either within or next to my Top Five folder.
      • If it’s for the blog . . . I don’t know what to do. ha. Open for suggestions.
  • Blog
    • Fix dumb broken links
    • Figure out how to do an email course using ChimpMail
      • Start to set up a Law & Gospel for Writers course
      • Start to set up a course for Writers in a Broken World*
  • Reviews
    • Catch up on reviews for both books read and unread!!!
      • Make a list
      • Prioritize list
      • DO ‘EM! Or at least plan them.

I think I need a blog break to accomplish all that. It won’t be this week (nor will I get any of the above done this week), but maybe March 19th through Easter Monday, April 2nd. Just a heads’ up.

You know what else I consider “Writing Spring Cleaning”? Dusting cobwebs off the brain and starting somewhere. Anywhere. 🙂 Editing may be spring cleaning. Finally creating an Amazon author page at Amazon’s Author Central (IT’S FREE!). Updating a reading list, and certainly updating an Amazon wishlist with Lutheran authors you’d like to read. 😉 (As ever, here are suggestions!)

What else am I missing? Besides rest? 🙂

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  1. Yes! It’s nice to see someone else’s list so I know I’m not the only one. I hate the scattered feeling but I’m not sure how optional it is this side of heaven. Great list. Keep us posted on how you tackle it (i.e. allotting a certain number of minutes/work sessions per item, etc)!

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