Concept of Time

Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post. As I’ve continued to think about the topic, it’s occurred to me that, as sinners, we are so quick to look to “normal.” What do we consider normal? An ongoing pretty good situation that can handle rather trivial chances in scenario. I’m thinking “normal” relates to our understanding of God and the extent of our need for God! Sadly, people don’t want to need God in a normal, ongoing way.

So, my latest shared writing idea for you is this: write about a Christian perspective of time! Show just how shallow common “normals” can be!

The illness that is chronic now is an ongoing suffering that we “normal” folk may not be able to imagine, but our God–outside of time–experienced His Son crucified and dead! Our Lord experienced His life on earth–what a bizarre experience entering—and leaving—time must be! Yet, for God it is normal. 🙂 It is His ongoing activity that cares for us in our every need, whether our chronic fallen condition or all the other accoutrements of fallen life.

But a person who lives in an ongoing state of temporary? That’s a novel idea! The needs, met or met only with uncertainty, could really draw people in, as well as present a unique scenario to get people thinking.

I’m not takin’ the idea. I’m not writing that book. YOU do it! A bunch of you do it! Ha ha! I’d happily read them all. 🙂

Meanwhile, I think I’m getting closer in a project I mentioned a long time ago for raising daughters. I’m too serious about the topic to let it be the next Oh, the Places You’ll Go! but maybe a few drafts from now . . . maybe I can have my serious one—and it is very serious—and a lighter, more picturesque one.

warning about what should be done to those who trample upon women. It’s very psalmic in a way . . . but I don’t know. It surprised me when I wrote it. But, really, it’s very sad that so many women don’t know that they are worth fighting for and that abuses against them earn dire punishments, even if we don’t see them in this life. The Church should teach that from the council of God.

Anyway, if you can find the time, write that novel. Or, you know, just leave a comment. 😉 About time, normal, women, etc.


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  1. David J. Susan

    Thank you for giving your readers good things to think about biblically! On the concept of time, in Romans 13 Paul seems to say that time does not “move” out of the past into the future (which we think is “normal”), but rather time is actually coming toward us from the future. “Salvation is nearer to us now than when we began to believe” (Romans 13:11)–so future hope in Christ already equips and strengthens us for the present.

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