Today’s post is a quote (insufficiently referenced) that popped out at me on Facebook regarding promise by G. K. Chesterton.

The promise, like the wheel, is unknown in Nature: and is the first mark of man. Referring only to human civilisation it may be said with seriousness, that in the beginning was the Word. The vow is to the man what the song is to the bird, or the bark to the dog; his voice, whereby he is known.

G. K. Chesterton, The Appetite of Tyranny

This would be a great thing for someone to expand on, don’t you think? Consider this another shared writing idea.

What an amazing concept! It just keep coming back to it. People talk about what sets man apart from animals: is it intellect, the thumb, levels of communication? Or, as Chesterton posits, is it something that ties us closer to God? Not only words, but honest, loving intent. Not just intent but actual potential and promise! I love it!

Makes me want to read more Chesterton. My reading list, however, is getting kind of long! 🙂 Still, summer will come soon enough. I think we have about a month left of homeschooling left for this academic year—yay!

Happy reading and writing, folks! And, if time is busy for those, happy thinking and reflection!

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