Greetings and Salutations

Do you ever write especially religious letters? If so, do you place Bible verses at the beginning and end? If so, what verses? Do you think some verses are best left for pastors?

Why do these questions come up in my life? Possibly because I have known, and worked for, a wide variety of pastors who dictate letters, and it just got me randomly thinking.

I used to sign off either “Yours in Christ” or “Rock on.” I stopped both because I feared they could give the wrong impression.

Do you have opinions on the matter? If not, I’ll just continue to muddle through. 😉

Write, my friends, even if it’s to do and grocery lists! And, just maybe a few old fashioned letters. Who knows where the process and its accompanying thinking may lead you.

Meanwhile, may you continue in every blessing of Christ Jesus, our Lord, including an abiding faith, improving health, and helpful neighbors!

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  1. Myrtle

    grace and peace

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