On Closing Saluations

I’m a homeschooler by choice and not necessarily by philosophy, but homeschool publisher emails and such related stuff can be so funny. 🙂 They make me feel like I really should belong to the modern homeschooling movement! Here are a few snippets from “The Notgrass Team,” on closing salutations.

Now, how should we close this email? According to Emily Post (Etiquette, 1922), “‘Warmly yours’ is unspeakable. ‘Yours in haste’ or ‘Hastily yours’ is not bad form, but is rather carelessly rude. ‘In a tearing hurry’ is a termination dear to the boarding school girl . . . .

“Turmoil and flurry may be characteristic of the manners of to-day; both are far from the ideal of beautiful manners which should be as assured, as smooth, as controlled as the running of a high-grade automobile. Flea-like motions are no better suited to manners than to motors. In an ordinary letter of thanks, the signature is ‘Sincerely,’ ‘Affectionately,’ ‘Devotedly’—as the case may be.”

Devotedly. That should do it. We are devoted to you and your family.

Closing salutations are a thing. Think about Apostle Paul’s! Much health and blessing to you on your way!

Anyway, it brought a smile to my face and a love of words to the fore, so I thought I’d share. And, you know, if you’re looking for homeschool options, check out their website or catalog.

This week should have some good posts. I have pages of notes to write up, including two reviews and several updates regarding resources—extant and otherwise. Yay!

Anyway, happy Monday. May the blessings you received on Sunday carry you smoothly into this week.

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