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Lutheran author Jordon (J.L.) Vaughan has come up with a brilliant idea and service! Lutheran Audio Review is a website that reviews and links podcasts hosted by “pastors, members & partners of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod.”

Check out all that is available! And, if you know of more, let him know!

I am a big fan of getting information into an easily accessible format, and that’s exactly what this does. And, there’s a lot of podcasts to consider and scroll through! Woo hoo!

It’s not an official site by the LCMS or anything, so let’s thank J. L. for just having the idea and putting it together. This could save a lot of time and help to reveal some really, really good stuff! Not only for the tech savvy, but for anyone who can benefit from podcasts. You know, tons of other people.

The website lists Podcasts, Devotional sources, Lecture sources, Reading through the Bible, etc. Check it out. Explore. Bookmark. Share the link. (Or this quick review of it. ;))

Rock on, J. L.! Lutheran Audio Review is a great service and gift!

And, ladies and gentlemen, go ahead and peruse J. L.’s two books to see about adding them to your summer reading pile or general Amazon wishlist.

Happy reading & writing!

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