Called to Defend

Christians are called to defend the faith. Saint Paul put it beautifully when he described himself as “put here for the defense of the gospel” (Philippians 1:16b). But that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from guidance and support, not only for ourselves but for all ages. So please welcome onto the scene Valerie Locklair and her first book, Called to Defend: An Apologetics Handbook for the Middle School Student.

I posted about the release as soon as I heard about it, because I think it’s a great topic and audience. Today I get to share with you my review. 🙂

Called to Defend

I wondered if this book would contain quick biblical quips so that youngsters could engage their friends a little. Instead, let me tell you, I have a new appreciation for both apologetics and the faith of middle schoolers! What a great book for homeschool discussions!!! It aims much more toward getting Christians to hear where their friends may really be coming from than lobbing a few choice sentences their way. This is a book that encourages us to tailor our love and service toward our neighbor depending on their needs, which is great!

There is a lot of substance in this book. I am not a middle schooler, and I was still introduced to many new terms and concepts. Various chapters begin with parts for parents/teachers and then proceeded with the text for kids and possible assignments. Obviously apologetics are treated throughout, but Valerie really delves into different areas (mathematics, computer science, history, and creative writing) to explore mindsets, reasoning, and nuances. I wish I had read this with a discussion group and will probably read it again to think through the progressions she reveals.

I will admit I’d still like a few choice little sentences I can teach my young ones. As far as I can tell, even our littles are called to defend the faith against all the tball games Sunday morning, Saturday night slumber parties, and other intrusions that would interrupt their reception of God’s grace. Still, at least once they are older they will benefit from this book!

Thank you, Valerie!

I recommend this for pastors/ winkels, reading groups (adult or youth), homeschoolers, youth groups, parents, teachers, etc. Not every middle schooler will be able to pick this up and breeze through it, but Called to Defend encourages us to face our own questions, talk with pastors/parents/ spiritual mentors, and to think through very important aspects of both faith and friendship. Good stuff. I’d love to know high schoolers delving into it.

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