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Howdy. Just thought I’d give a bit of a summary of where things stand. Thank you to my faithful readers because I had 856 users last month! Woo hoo! Not bad for a niche blog! 🙂

You aren’t a frequent-commenting lot, but thanks for all the private messages and ongoing support. Writers love their readers!

Meanwhile, I’m ahead on reading, but behind on reviewing. Isn’t that life?

I hope to revisit my book of poetry to take it to the next level with self-publishing. (I think I found an editor! Woo hoo!) I’m still stuck on whether it’s long enough (and whether I should go through all my notes to check for “missing” poems in those various).

I’m scrambling to put together some homeschooling resources for myself this year—this is my last week of prep ahead—but I hope to share them here soon. Mostly I’m making a way to catch the little things that slip through the cracks religion-wise in what we teach our kids, but, once taught, will make it easier to be in Scripture, understand sermons, etc.

After that, I need to reconsider the next step for . . . I think three drafts. Sigh.

Am I forgetting things? Probably. I already have this week’s post topics laid out and I look forward to writing them. They’ll include a new-to-me Lutheran author, a post on theological poets, a review, and there’s a new Lutheran book I’m expected to be out any day now. You can look forward to hearing about it. 🙂

PS. For a super random fact of Lutheran trivia, you have GOT to click this link.

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