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If I were to try to set up a website dedicated to free Lutheran resources, would you better trust it if there it were under a single manager or if I sought multiple management with some pastors or something?

What resources would you like? So far I am thinking about . . .

  1. Free topical help for human care topics
    1. Listing blogs
    2. Listing websites with free resources
  2. Free Lutheran essays and books
  3. Sunday Morning Resources
    1. Bulletin inserts on teachings, ethical and cultural elements, -isms and philosophical forces on the rise
    2. Free Bible Studies
  4. Home Resources
    1. Free devotionals
  5. Homeschooling Resources
    1. Lists of Lutheran recitation (I’m developing those right now)
    2. Lists of available resources, including Lutheran lit. guides

There would be NO SERMONS or lengthy text on it. There would be NO BLOG ROLL or reviews on it. It could simply be a reference to quickly preview pre-existing materials with an opportunity to develop things to fill in gaps and donate them via Internet to the church.

What do you think? Should I start looking into it? Does it exist and I just haven’t found it?

I would prefer it not be denomination-specific, although I myself am emphatically LCMS. The resources would be specifically Lutheran, affirming the bodily resurrection, the Real Presence, etc., but why mind if they were to slip into a non-Lutheran congregation, right? lol

Let me know. Maybe if I could put this together, my thoughts can better focus on writing again!

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