Lutheran Matrix?

I’m sharing a writing idea today, revolving around the concept of a matrix. Lutheran matrix? Ok, many an anti-Lutheran, anti-Christian matrix. We’ll see what you think.

My novel idea that I’d like someone else to write:

As an antidote to suffering, people construct a pain-free matrix. It’s relatively normal, with an extensive emphasis on the senses: colors are intensified and art is everywhere, for example. But as time goes on, and the matrix fills up, a new set of overseers take over. Disgruntled by protesters in the real world, who see bodies kept in coffin-like boxes inappropriate—though what other cost-effective measures can be kept with such a popular new lifestyle?

To simplify the matrix and allow more room for more “bodies,” the caretakers start to delete all forms of Scripture or Scriptural references. Even lamb gets removed during the course of the book.

What would remain? What can the minds do within the matrix? What can continue in a world totally apart from the Lord of Life, the Light of Light, the Giver of every blessing?


Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to write a Lutheran matrix, here’s one way to approach it. 🙂 Removing the MEANS in the physical world, not only the means of grace but allegorical means of Christian instruction. Take that, gnostics. 😉

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