A Hero’s Curse

Today, I intended to post about theological poets, but that has to be postponed. I’d like my dad’s feedback on it, but he’s off traveling. Meanwhile, I introduced P.S. Broaddus just over a week ago, and now I’m ready to review the first book in his series, A Hero’s Curse (The Unseen Chronicles Book 1).

A Hero’s Curse Review

This is a charming tale about a girl who becomes a hero without particularly wanting to. Although she is blind, she gets into plenty of adventure—and secrets—by using her other senses and the training given to her by a rambunctious cat. That cat, by the way, uses enough sarcasm, snark, and humor to assure me that my oldest daughter will particularly love this series.

I read the first book quickly and have already started the next. There’s a steady pace to the action, unexpected developments, and enough little quirks to bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. This is written for middle schoolers and I may let me 8-year old try it, too.

And how can there be such rich descriptive detail in a book with a blind heroine? Just read it to find out! 🙂

Thank you, P.S. Broaddus, for writing! Keep up the great work!

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