Nightrage Rising

Apparently the way to get me to review books quickly is to gear them toward my kiddos. ūüôā So, P.S. Broaddus, both I and my eldest thank you for writing, and today I’ll follow up last week’s review of¬†A Hero’s Curse¬†with a review on¬†Nightrage Rising¬†(The Unseen Chronicles, Volume 2).

 Nightrage Rising Review

This second installment of the Unseen Chronicles dramatically expands what you know of the series’ setting. Instead of meeting new creatures, one learns of new lands while, perhaps regretfully, seeing the ups and downs of human class divisions and general struggles.

Again, PS Broaddus draws out the tension surrounding Essie, whether she is a powerhouse or shockingly lucky success. This time by expanding the theme, introducing us to scuzzy ruffians, a blacksmith’s son, and a mysterious wandering tutor: how significant will they be? And, how separate can classes remain in an ever-changing world?

From a child’s point of view, this book may seem to revolve around magic, although, in a sense, it revolves around¬†not¬†having magic. The educator in me, however, appreciates the many¬† social nuances this novel introduces.¬†Rough and tumble men¬†can¬†follow and admire an honorable man, even if he is clearly imperfect. Slow changes can add up. And, history affects us, both our own past affecting our present and future and the many factors that influence the people and places around us.

Ok. The first book may still be my favorite in the series so far, but I very much look forward to a new installment, and my nine-year-old daughter is just a day or two behind me in agreeing. ūüôā

More good work from P.S. Broaddus! Keep ’em coming!

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