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Have you heard about the new CPH FaithCourses? It looks like a way to view videos and go through a guide while you read a book, either at your own pace or with a group. AWESOME!

(I’ll link to Amazon books so you can peruse them and their comments a bit. Yes, I’m an Amazon affiliate and may get a small amount from Amazon, but, no, there is no cost or other affect for anyone who follows the links.)

Current titles are Simon Peter − The Fiery Fisher of Men (Premium) and two freebies I’m pretty confident you’ll of approve of: Being Lutheran by Rev. Trevor Sutton and Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? 12 False Christs by Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard (I just reviewed that one last week!).

Again, awesome.

FaithCourses coming soon: Galatians by Dr. Andrew Das, Reading Isaiah with Luther by Rev. Brian Kachelmeier (I’m really intrigued by this one!), Authentic Christianity By Rev. Trevor Sutton and Dr. Gene VeithEcho by Rev. Jonathan Fisk, and Timeless Truth by Rev. Pete Jurchen.

It looks like CPH saw a great opportunity and hopped on board. FaithCourses is a great idea with fantastic possibilities!



Btw, I just heard that Rev. Trevor Sutton will have a third book out, releasing mid-October. AMAZING! Is that three books in two years?! AWESOME! WELL DONE!

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