Overview of New Testament Greek Syntax

As of this point, I’m afraid we are not all experts on New Testament Greek. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!!! ūüôā Maybe I jest a little, but Rev. Andy Richard has been teaching a New Testament Greek class and is putting together a reference guide,¬†Overview of New Testament Greek Syntax.

This¬†Overview¬†is in field testing until June 2019. If you’ve studied Greek, and particularly if you’d love to pass that knowledge on to future years of seminarians, area pastors, and, ahem, nearly every child since reading Scripture in its original languages is¬†AWESOME,¬†look this over and provide feedback.

Pastors, teachers, homeschoolers, Greek students, or anyone else who’d like to help, here is a link to the free PDF. Here is a link to purchase a paperback version.

Seriously, this could be something to help pastors refresh their Greek or help area pastors re-enter the languages of Scripture. Personally, I just plain adore languages, although my Greek is . . . a bit worse than rusty! But I also think all our Classical Lutheran homeschoolers should jump on the Greek bandwagon as soon as they’ve had a few (to five) years of Latin in ’em! New Testament Greek is worth it!!!

Never tried to learn Greek? With this, you can have until June to see how useful this little tool can be!

Give feedback via the email in the introduction of the book.

It sure feels good to help. I hope you can take this opportunity‚ÄĒor maybe another one.


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