Lionhearts: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel

Time to review another novel, as alluded to here. This time it is Lionhearts: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating. 🙂

Lionhearts Review

I was having something of a binge-read, catching up on Stephen Grant novels, when this one hit me pretty hard. On one hand, it may be my new favorite. On the other, the amount of violence . . . it is a hard thing to read a book about homegrown terrorists attacking us where it might hurt most. 🙂 I can still recommend reading it: just take a deep breath before plunging into it.

I appreciated how academia affected life in this installment of Ray Keating’s Lutheran thriller.

If Pastor Grant was ever considered to be one step out of the ministry, I think this book shows he is two-feet-in. He certainly helps his loved ones and his country in unusual-for-pastor-ways, but I was pleased with just how much he continues to care about his own congregation and fellow pastors in his church body.

I’m onto the next book, now, so we’ll see whether my kids will let me keep my reading up during Advent! lol I might be surprised!

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