Wine into Water

Quick! Order your CPH Christmas presents! There is FREE SHIPPING* until Sunday, December 2nd! Quick, spend $30!!! At least, do it after reading the review below of of Ray Keating‘s Wine into Water: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel, the sixth in the series. 🙂

Wine into Water Review

This is yet another fun thriller from Ray Keating. I loved learning more about the wine industry, and Mr. Keating did a great job weaving church history and communion-use throughout.

Every series has to have little reintroductions about the characters. I get it. I don’t tend to like things to start off steamy, but the opening sequence of this book, reacquainting us with Stephen and Paige, set the book up in a really good way. (This is not to say this book’s initial chapter was too steamy. I’m making a general comment and then moving in to compare it to this book.)

As tends to happen, I wait a while and then binge read. After the momentum gained in Wine into WaterI’m already more than halfway through the next in the series, Lionhearts. which I’m also enjoying very much (although I teared up, too)!

Keep up the good work, Mr. Keating, and I’ll continue to read them!

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