The Unholy Trinity

Ages ago it seems, I mentioned a new release and I’ve finally gotten around to reading it: The Unholy Trinity: Martin Luther Against the Idol of Me, Myself, and I by Rev. Dr. Michael A. Lockwood, an Aussie/ LCA pastor who received his doctorate through Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. In short, this book is absolutely fantastic.

The Unholy Trinity Review

This is an incredibly powerful, insightful book that digs deeply into Scripture, Luther, and social tendencies. It has it all: I’m almost lost where to begin to describe it!

Fantastic insights from Martin Luther with absolutely wonderful, prolific footnotes to help guide later reading. Intriguing psychological support from scientific studies in application sections. Piercing personal perspective as the book helps us to discern our own idolizing tendencies.

This is a book to reread as life circumstances change and grow. Not only because idolatry is such an important, necessary subject for Christians—one emphatically taught about from God Himself in both Old and New Testaments—but because in this book Martin Luther displays the beautiful flow of theology, as one topic affects others, highlighting the divine connections of doctrine. You receive ongoing comfort in Christ, a better understanding of the continual use of the Means of Grace, and a breathtaking new perspective, both on the fallenness of man and the gracious mercy of the one true God, the holy blessed Trinity, even while facing just how rebellious and idolatrous sinners are.

The book has left me almost speechless in one of the best ways possible. So much to ponder. So much to treasure! Much to discern!

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