World of Wazzlewoods

I got a very happy item in the mail on Friday, and now I get to review Rev. Tyrel Bramwell‘s most recent release! Now, you might think I’m referring to his recent release, Come in We Are Closedbut nope! I reviewed that here. This guy has had two releases within almost a month and a half! CRAZY! But The World of the Wazzlewoods (A Fern & Dale Fairy Tale) was a delightful read and I’m glad I didn’t have to wait longer for it. 🙂 Well worth including as a present or stocking stuffer for the seven to eight year olds! Great illustrations by Lutheran artist extraordinaire Edward Riojas!

Wazzlewoods Review

Whittling and redwoods make for a magical combination in this book, set in  a real town, and now I want to visit! Ferndale, California, also called Cream City, sounds positively charming! If I’m ever nearby, we will be sure to visit, especially the Firemen’s Park and the Golden Gait Mercantile. 🙂

This book lets you introduce children to local magic in a way that stimulates imagination and appreciation. Instead of spells getting a child to escape reality, this book uses a few magical creatures to draw out the beauty that so often already surrounds us. 

Delightful details reminded me about traditions that shouldn’t be lost, including the glory of “gingerbread” houses, and fun little things like naming a dog Maggie after Ferdinand Magellan!

One great line near the end is this: “Those who have eyes to see magic also have ears to hear it.” What a neat line for a Christian to read!

This is an absolutely charming story, winsome in many ways. Geared toward early readers, it’s also great for a family read aloud. For those with young children, the most negative aspect of the book is maybe a use of “butt” once or twice. Clean and encouraging with positive multi-generational family relationships.

Great job, Rev. Bramwell! Very enjoyable! Keep up the good work! Hopefully including sequels in this series!

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