Blizzard at Three Bears Lake

Do you follow author newsletters? Let me know any of your favorites. Right now I’m cutting back to mostly Lutheran authors as you guys are keeping me plenty busy! 😉 Thankfully, Lutheran author Rachel Kovaciny included a charming free story, Blizzard at Three Bears Lakein her latest!

I’ve mentioned Rachel Kovaciny on this blog before. She’s written/writing the Once Upon a Western Collection, including two full length novels and now two short stories. (She has also had short stories included in multi-author collections.)

Full novels:


(Both Free) Short Stories:

And, newly, Blizzard at Three Bears Lake

This was a super pleasant read, especially in wintertime. Clever, heartwarming, with the added bonus of historical-fiction-meets-fairy-tale charm. 🙂 I’d say more but I’d hate to spoil the sweet unwrapping and interplay within the piece.

Check it out. Then get her novels. At least, that’s my plan. 🙂

You can also check out her author website, her book-oriented blog The Edge of the Precipiceand her blog about everything else Hamlette’s SoliloquyI especially enjoyed her post on favorite books of 2018, which included at least three Lutheran authors!

Happy reading & writing, folks!

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