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Remember when I told you about the short story “Blizzard at Three Bears Lake” by Lutheran author Rachel Kocaviny? It is now available as a FREE e-book from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble (or you can continue to download it from her website). Anyway, her first book, Cloaked, is now available as a Nook Book and Dancing and Doughnuts will become available on that platform as well. Below there are a few more Rachel Kovaciny updates. 🙂

(Shamelessly stealing from her most recent author newsletter, by the way.)

After kicking off a second year as a columnist for the Prairie Times, Rachel Kovaciny wrote an article about one of her childhood heroes… or, more properly, heroines: Annie Oakley.  You can read it here.

Her first Femnista article of 2019, “Nonsensical Geometry, explores the two love triangles within Jane Eyre. You can read that here

But the other thing I want to share, even as I remind myself that I still need to post a review for her “Blizzard at Three Bears Lake,” is that I just got another free story from her: “No Match for a Good Story.” Can you guess what story she retells? Anyway, that’s 19 free pages I look forward to reading! (I’ve been hitting non-fiction pretty hard so far this year. I’m looking forward to getting back to some fiction. I also love short stories! They are their own art form!)

Happy reading & writing, folks! Wishing you a safe and warm weekend! (Though not too warm! My sister and her family in Adelaide just broke a record in how hot things got! A burning 115-degrees Amurican! I mean Fahrenheit! ha haa) Personally I’ll stick with the cold for now!


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