Amazon Ebook Deal

Hi! You get a rare weekend post from me, because of an Amazon ebook deal. Go here to read about it: a $5 ebook credit if you spend $20 on Kindle books between now and the end of Monday.

In short, especially if you have Kindle books on your Amazon wishlist right now, go here. Click “Activate Now.” Spend $20 on Kindle books by the end of Monday, January 28th, and within four days of a combined $20 purchase, you should get an emailed credit of $5 to your account. 

Now, that $5 credit will automatically be redeemed with your next Kindle purchase(s), BUT the credit does expire 30 days after it is first applied to your account. 

Are you with me? For me this Amazon ebook deal is a perfect way to catch up on stuff that’s been building up on my wishlist. 🙂 (Surely I’m not the only one to use Amazon to help me keep track of next books in series, right?)

You can only use the deal once, so don’t go too hog wild. 😉 But I suspect it would work for both you and your spouse.

Again, deal only valid between now and the end of Monday!


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