Ode to Symposia

I really could write an ode to Symposia, but I’m not sure it’d be in the right spirit. lol Seriously, though, I’d like you to consider going to the Fort Wayne Symposia next year.

I love the theology. I love the papers. The people can’t be beat. Literally. 🙂 They’re already victorious in Christ. ha ha! The worship is Christocentric, Law & Gospel, sacramental, liturgical, and beautiful to boot. The preaching and music are phenomenal.

So, symposia is plural. Every year, at the end of January, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, hosts an exegetical conference followed by a systematic one. The first is Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The second is Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning. 

Symposium originally referred to the lively conversation following a drinking party. At the Fort, no drinking is necessary except drinking up the serious consideration of God’s Word and our Lutheran confessional documents.

The worship alone is well worth the trip alone. Seeing old friends and making new ones is an additional perk. 

It had been about ten years since I’d been—a hiatus while childbearing and all—and I’m thankful to God I was able to go again two weeks ago. 🙂 I started attending a few years before I decided to attend CTSFW for their MA with deaconess certification program (now also available long distance), and have been blessed by each and every one I attended.

I’ll admit: I have a big place in my heart for that gathering. I got engaged on a snowy walk out by the Luther statue during Symposia week. I even drove back to attend during my internship while pregnant with our first. Good times!

Writers, you should hear well-written papers. You should keep your ears attuned to the occasional more academic tone. 

Now, it is exceedingly sad but true that Symposia overlapped with the March for Life. I was, however, tremendously moved to see how many pastors, church workers, seminary students, and other laity attended the exegetical symposia and then left to march for life. Thankful to God for that.

Even if you can’t make symposia on a regular basis—maybe rotate between it and the March—maybe you can simply visit Concordia Theological Seminary regularly. I’ve heard that the next Good Shepherd Institute, which may have slightly different dates this year than previous so that pastors don’t need to miss All Saints’ Day in their congregations, will again have a hymn writing something attached to it. Here’s hoping! 🙂

If you hear anything about it, let me know! 

Warm wishes to you for this week!

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