Patrick’s Places

I found out about a neat Lutheran find! Patrick’s Places: Patrick Hamilton’s Distinction Between Law and Gospel, Faith and Works, released January 9th by editor Don Matzat with introduction from LCMS Pastor Jordan McKinley. Lutheran roots of the Reformation in Scotland!!! AWESOME! AND INEXPENSIVE! 🙂

From the Amazon Blurb:

Patrick Hamilton was a Scottish Reformer who, at the age of 23, was the first martyr of the Reformation in Scotland. While studying in Germany, Patrick was influenced by the teachings of Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon, particularly Luther’s “Freedom of a Christian Man” and Melanchthon’s “Loci Communes” or “Common Places in Theology.” Under the tutelage of Francis Lambert at the University of Marburg, Patrick authored a treatise for discussion and disputation which he named after Melanchthon’s “Common Places.” Hamilton’s good friend John Frith translated Patrick’s work from the Latin and named it “Patrick’s Places.”

Patrick’s Places: Kindle $2.99. Paperback $3.99! Fifty-three pages.

Know of any similar such finds a lay-theologian-wanna-be interested in? 😀


PS. Did you know Don Matzat published a novel?! I didn’t, but here it is! 


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