Heidi Goehmann

Lutherans can change. They can! And Heidi Goehmann is proving it . . .  by updating her website and renaming it.

You can read about that here. Thought you should know via friendly announcement lest you get confused when you see all her good stuff forwarded on Facebook under new branding.

No, I don’t really think it’s “branding” to go by your name. It’s just . . . what authors kind of have to do these days.

I have mixed emotions about concepts of “branding,” to be honest, so I’m thankful at least it can be done with one’s own name.

Related to that, I wonder if women view name changes differently than men. When do men need to consider it? Though it’s not just a girl-thing. Imagine God renaming you to your face. After some strange wrestling match. Or having to learn a new signature at 99 years old. Maybe it’s just me, but I like the pondering while walking up to the government office approach. 😉

Yeah, yeah, getting off point.

Many warm wishes to you, Heidi, as you continue in this chapter of your writing and your life. 😀 Especially as you pursue your passions: mental health, relationships, and Jesus. 



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