Amy Bindas

I just learned about another Lutheran author: Amy Bindas has published three non-fiction books that might interest you.

Champion One Life at a Time is Amy Bindas’ most recent release, November 2018. Subtitled, The Lessons We Can Learn from Little Bear’s Journey, one could say this book is about students and educators, but further descriptions make it sound like it is much, much more. Former principal, Amy Bindas, tells the story of a boy whose early decision-making affected the community and beyond. Bindas explores differences between mentors and champions, or more specifically championing, highlighting how genuine relationships play an essential role in life, let a lone education.  

I thought Sailing the Seven C’s of Marriage is a particularly clever title for a book on marriage. By all means, look at the preview. For your immediate curiosity, I’ll let you know that the Seven C’s are Command, Commitment, Communication, Couple Time, Currency, Christ-Centered, and Community, with a conclusion about Charting Your Course.  

Anchor Your Marriage Daily is a daily devotional for husbands and wives, following the book listed above. Clever title and idea.


Thanks, Amy, for all you do! I’ll add you to my list of Living Lutheran Authors!

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