When Words Collide

Today is another exciting release day! You can now order When Words Collide: A Crash Course in Writing Poetry by Lutheran author ALS Vossler. (I reviewed her fun novel Charybda here.) My review is below.

When Words Collide Review

This is a clear, straightforward introduction to writing poetry. Winsome with a good balance of beauty and non-nonsense, this book allows poetry to be strong, beautiful, but especially approachable!

This book is helpful in three major ways. It takes some mystery out of reading poetry. It certainly offers obvious steps toward writing it—five reasonable steps, to be precise, but it also clearly illuminates some things that might otherwise intimidate people.

Scansion and meter? Covered. Literary tools and definitions? This book offers great coverage and “bang for your buck” as far as poetic education is concerned.

As a homeschooler myself, here’s my plan: get a paperback version (I currently only have Kindle), paperclip the foreword, and have my children read it any time junior high or later. High schoolers can read the introduction, too. It may just start some big conversations about depression.

As a poet, myself, When Words Collide was also grounding. A rather rhythmic read that was soothing as a review. Some lovely turns of phrase and considerations.

Excellent work and easy to recommend. Thankful to have this!


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