Something Else?!

I’m more entrepreneurial than I ever would have dreamed. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to do three things: write, cook, and discuss theology. That’s it. I wasn’t even one to daydream about marriage or children. To my mind, I’m a shockingly straightforward, consistent girl. You know what I love? Family, words, food, and theology. But what if I don’t really want to write books? What if, after all this time, I’ve thought of something else instead?!

To put this in real perspective: I’ve written quite a few projects. Since I’m somehow drawn to theology for children, these are brief pieces for a relatively niche audience.

The way it would work is I’d write one up. Send it off to a publisher. Wait and hope. Sigh in disappointment. A designated computer folder gets that much larger.

Meanwhile I’m raising my kids. Apparently starting websites left and right. I have a project or two I keep meaning to write up. Still, I’m haunted by my pile of finished products. 

Let’s be frank. If I suddenly had a bunch of money, I’d be eating out and investing in our house. That’s my stage at life. Sure, I am trying to save towards illustration work for at least one or two of my unpublished-but-finished-projects, because, why not self-publish at this point, but it isn’t exactly my most optimistic endeavor.

I wrote those children’s books because I see a theological need. I wrote them as a gift to the church, and I hope to do my best and not give it only a half-measure because I’m otherwise occupied.

But I am otherwise occupied!!!! 

Anyway, what if I went a different way. What if, instead of holding a book in my hand, I just tried to take a more utilitarian approach and self-classify more as a teacher than a writer? (If that’s possible) What if, instead of writing books, I took a different approach, maybe more like a digital coloring book, and published some of my old rejected projects through I do think young children need visuals, but young kids are encouraged to color all the time.

I could sell by the download. Keep copyright but essentially skip publishing.

Theology by coloring book. Might I be on to something? In particular, I have a book for young children on the Trinity that is not heretical! I want it out there! But I  may even have seven or eight projects I had all ready to go just to . . . go nowhere except my rejected file.

If you recall, I claim the sarcastic right of existential crises since I’m a writer. 🙂 Now I don’t even know if this qualifies! How do I know what’s a shortcut and what’s just thinking outside the box? What’s smart vs what’s impatient?

What do you think? Any advice for me?

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  1. Elizabeth Plewniak

    Hi Mrs. Mary, I would like to encourage you. Family Vocation has made a huge impact on my life. I also recommend it every chance I get in seminars and on podcasts when I’ve been invited to share. If you never produced another thing, please know, that resource has deeply affected one person’s family and I imagine the 5 person’s future families that I am currently raising. And everyone else whose read it at my recommendation! I have self published a children’s book myself and I’m most excited about gifting one to each of my children when they become parents. But it made a little cash in sales for a local adoption fund in my City. Nothing big. I have several other children’s poems that are rich in theology and I wish I could make them into books but alas, they are sitting on my computer as well. I love them tho and They minister to my heart each time I read them.

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