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Ok. I’m going to point out a book even though it (presumably) isn’t written by a Lutheran. All Rights Reserved is simply the book I chose as my July First Reads deal. (Remember First Reads for Amazon Prime members? It’s an Amazon Prime perk that I like.)

Anyway, whether you get the book or not, it’s a dystopian set in a world where every word and gesture is copyrighted, patented or trademarked. The main character then sets off unforeseen consequences but refusing to speak or communicate at all.

It’s a neat book and I enjoyed it. But what I want for you, dear writers, is to consider just how valuable every form of communication is. Yet it is so undervalued.

We might want to think money adds value to what’s been written. We’d like money to illustrate value from others. But is that really the case?

Particularly as Christian writers, we should embrace the paradox that setting a monetary value on words is actually devaluing both the words themselves and those who would express them! It is not money or profit grants value. Far too often it detracts from the very things which God values.

We may want to profit from words. We may dream of the day. Yet money is not what makes words valuable. Ever!

Think about it. Dwell on it every time you feel pressured as though “real writers make money.” 

And, if you happen to be a dystopian junky like me, read and enjoy. 🙂 Because, no matter how dark things may seen, it could always be worse. Not only are there ways it could be worse in imaginary stories, our Lord and Savior directly intervenes in this world! Yes, there is suffering. Yes, there are lies and corruptions that frankly can blow my mind. Yet God is good and He will work His Will, and that Will includes free salvation by faith in His only begotten Son! Thanks be to God.

The book doesn’t say it, but I will. All rights are reserved by the very God who holds and grants them!

Happy reading & writing!

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