I’m back! My family and I were off on a fantastic trip to the CCLE conference in River Forest, Illinois, (CCLE stands for Consortium for Classical Lutheran Educators) and then we were off to visit relatives near Niagara Falls. It was tremendous! 😀

Obviously I wrote and scheduled posts ahead of time, but now I have even more content I’d like to share!

But here’s the deal. I think some of the things I want to write will take a day or two, so I may not post every day. That’s a fair trade, right?

This week’s content may also contain more article-like content than I typically post. I’m thinking I’ll publish some thoughts & arguments here and then link to them elsewhere. It may not be directly related to writing, but, well, so far I think the content fits into my eclectic range anyway. So I’ll go for it.

Meanwhile, wish me well as I get back into the swing of things, including preparing for school to start in two weeks! ACK! 😉 

Also, God bless my aunt and uncle, who fed me with so much fresh fruit! Between the healthy food, solid walks, and good conversation, I feel years younger. Yay!

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