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I read a very clever book about content and balance: Content: How to Find Balance in Life When the World is At Your Fingertips by Lutheran author, speaker, blogger, podcaster, etc., Rebecca Lemke. So here’s a review!

Content Review

Content is a pun. This book is for content creators, especially those looking for an introduction to platforms and some behind the scenes tips for personal sanity and professional performance.

It’s a great book! This will be my new go-to book recommendation for people interested in getting into blogging, podcasting, writing, etc. 

I really resonated with some of the personal sharing, especially finding a need to be creative following childbirth. I also think she has some very wise practical advice and Christian reasoning.

Having said that, there was just one point when I, as a writer and blogger myself, had to ask myself, “Wait. Am I doing this wrong?!” 🙂 No. There’s just a difference between and, which wasn’t part of the scope of her chapter. It’s all good.

This book is not a bunch of lists or prescriptions to help you set up your own website or blog. Rather, it is excellent introductory material for the other side of that coin for anyone interested in content creation these days, whether its a presence on social media or anywhere else. There are easy to read, organized chapters so that this can be read in a single satisfying sitting and then used as a resource as you follow up.

Thanks for writing this, Rebecca! Well done! It really is a tool for both content and balance for contemporary writers.


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