Playing around with this website reminds me a lot about the parts of writing and publishing I don’t care for. 🙂 Endless formatting issues. Rewrites & edits. An appearance of too many options with not quite enough knowledge to know one’s next step.

And, like traditional publishing, I can’t quench the fear that I’m not really seeing everything going on. may be presented different than I’d like. I may not be seeing the whole picture.

It’s like the business-side of writing, where I’m not spending my time doing what I love but what I suspect ought to be done. It’s tying up loose ends and trying to remember where in a never-ending process I am.

Still, ladies and gentlemen, there’s joy. I prefer joy in CONTENT, but at least there are lots of free resources. There are many right answers. There are second and third and ever-many opportunities of what to display, say, etc. I get to see what has helped others and how others have tried to help through software, ideas, etc.

I hope my fiddling around isn’t getting annoying. I hope that after this weekend, I can stop puttering (although I think puttering is an important task in just about every vocation ;)). Then I can get back to some of the content I’ve wanted to share.

Admittedly, some of it is briefer than I’d like. Or, who knows, I’ll lose that slip of paper and need to start all over again. Am I alone in seeing the same pattern as the writing process here?! ha

Wishing you all a weekend with reading & writing, love & worship.

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