Lent 2018

You know what Valentine’s Day reminds me of? Mortification of the flesh. I mean, I mean, Ash Wednesday and Lent. ūüôā So here is a friendly reminder that Lutheran writers have written up various free Lutheran resources for Lent 2018, usually in the form of devotions. Know more than are listed below? Comment and spread the word!

Free Lutheran Resources for Lent 2018

I’m not sure how many contributors are Lutheran (although at least some are), but The Gospel Economist is offering¬†The Great Exchange,¬†which certainly sounds promising.

Know any more? Please share! Meanwhile may Lent 2018 be good for you in body and soul by the blessing of Christ who humbled Himself for our sake.

Meanwhile, thanks be to God that Lutheran writers–such as yourself–are writing and giving their time, talent, research, etc., as a gift for the church. Woo hoo for free resources! For the proclamation of Law and Gospel and the revelation of the Means of Grace for the comfort and new life of weary souls! To God be the glory.


Edited to Add: There’s also Lutheran Central: Connecting Lutherans. Although they don’t have a specifical Lent booklet, they link to daily devotions from Lutheran Church Charities, Luther Seminary, The Lutheran Church-Australia, Daily Devotions courtesy of WELS, and Grace Moments by WELS Pastor Jeske. (Lutheran Central is run by a variety of advisors, who hold various Lutheran positions.)

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