Prelude to Postlude

I had a string of good writing days. Sadly, that stopped. Oh well, here’s another neat Lenten resource. It’s nothing to give up as a discipline. Rather, it’s something to add. I think it’s an excellent idea, especially for writers and word people like us. So, with little more prelude . . .

This blog post from the new blog of the CPH music department, Prelude to Postlude offers 40 hymns from the Lutheran Service Book and weekly Bible readings to incorporate into your devotions during Lent.

Looks great! Formatted as a single page, this will be as easy as singing a hymn. 🙂 Look for it here.

Of course, the rich hymnody and emotional range of Lent and Lenten readings is a wealth for those of us used to reading the same text, again and again, parsing out meaning, feeling the flow, and the dance of the tongue. Combining our own quirky love of words and word craft with Lutheran texts and the church year? Count me in!

Anyway, on days like this when I just haven’t been able to write, it is reassuring for me to think about resources like these. Nicely independent of my own ability to accomplish to do list goals!

Those of us interested in writing hymnody text or song lyrics may want to pay attention to Prelude to Postlude, the new CPH blog, for other interesting things. But in addition to the proliferation of CPH blogs, I’m thankful they’re putting together resources and offering them, free and easy, on the Internet. Yay for church resources! Especially good free resources!

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