Lambs at Pasture

I love passing along Lutheran resources as they come out. Today’s resource highlight is “Lambs at Pasture,” a new weekly tool for daily family devotions. It’s being distributed free of charge via Steadfast Lutherans and it’s put together by LCMS Pastor Derrick Brown and his wife, Kris Brown, a talented graphic designer on my Freelance Writer Support page.

The format of “Lambs at Pasture”

  1. Introit
  2. Daily Readings & Discussion Questions
  3. Memory Verse
  4. Hymn of the Week
  5. Catechism Connection
  6. Lord’s Prayer
  7. Collect of the Week
  8. This first week includes a kid-friendly Friday activity, too, which is nice.

The post introducing it is here, and the first week’s material is there, too, for printing or downloading.

Great idea, handy format, looks good! It follows the one-year lectionary, so we’ll see if they produce more than 52, but this sure looks good to this homeschooling mom.

Spread the word. It’s great that people are producing quality resources! And I’m glad that hopefully we writers are joining right in!

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