Updating my Lutheran Writer Support page

It came to my attention that I had a bunch of broken links on my Lutheran Writer Support page. Sorry about that! Honestly, folks just don’t always keep websites anymore. Anyway, I’m updating it & found a neat little gem for you!

Here’s a link to my list. It includes all sorts of fields, including composers, graphic designers, editors, cover designers, illustrators, etc.

Feel free to contact me with more people to add. Anything having to do with Lutherans offering freelance writing support.

I’m also a little torn. I wonder if it would be better if I included some biographical & professional information, but I’m just not sure how to do it without cluttering the page.

On a similar note, I’d like to give you emails, but I’m worried that just slapping someone’s email address on there would cause a bunch of spam. For now, I’ve “linked” names to an email, though it won’t connect you to an email. I guess, just look at the corner of your page and you’ll see it? I don’t know. I’m a mess. If you know better, please share with me. 🙂

Also, I have found a few more names! Yay! I’m waiting to hear back from a professional voice actor (She provides sounds & voice over, including for audio books), and I’ve been digitally introduced to Gina Kammer, a Lutheran freelance author/ editor/ writing coach, who specializes in science fiction and fantasy. AWESOME. 

AND (drum roll, please), not only has she, Gina Kammer, the “Inky Bookwyrm,” put together a free Fiction Resource Guide as an e-book, but she’s currently putting together a beta class on resources for fiction authors:

Enchant Your Readers: Developmental Self-Editing for Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors beta course.

Here’s what she said in her follow up email after I signed up to be notified about enrollment:

The beta run-through is a live workshop, so please reply to this email and let me know if you have any concerns or availability preferences. I’m still working out these details, which means you have the unique opportunity to influence call times and course content with your preferences.

Then tell me, what is your biggest sticking point when it comes to revising your novels? Or what do you find most overwhelming about it? Let me know in your reply! I want to make sure I’m covering the most useful areas for you in the course

Here’s a recap of the final course plan and what you can expect, except with more live support: Enchant Your Readers will support writers step-by-step through the story revision process. Workshop your draft in a self-paced course with regular live office hours to get your questions answered. Plus, take advantage of the critique partner program and exclusive author community. I’ll break down the most important elements necessary to enchant readers in your story’s spell.

Go here to sign up. Again, it isn’t quite available yet, but this is a link to express your interest.

Woo hoo!

Also, welcome to my Lutheran Freelance Support page, Deborah Kunkel, who lives down in Texas. She’s done some fine work for several folks in the LCMS. 

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