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Good morning! So, do you know about Author Media? I haven’t dug deeply into it, but they sent out a very handy email addressing tax deductions from the new Trump tax bill. And, I figure, part of encouraging writers is encouraging the more businessy aspects to it, much as Ray Keating would suggest! 🙂

I haven’t particularly used Author Media products, but this email mentioned above did get me thinking. It also (somehow) led me to hearing this podcast, which starts to explain some of the tax issues:


Here is the registration/advertisement link for the actual class: Tax and Business Guide for Authors.

Can I summarize it in a few sentences? No. Nor can I process that I  need to start organizing for tax season again, <headdesk> BUT I can pass along that hobbyists (aka legally claiming hobbyist status rather than business) cannot take deductions. And, from the course advertisement, there are 19 tax deductions some authors can take advantage of.

Talking with a CPA can be pricey. Finding a CPA with expertise on writing matters can be tricky, too. Here, the course is $99, and, if you register in the next two weeks, you can get an additional 20% discount by using coupon code tax20 at checkout.


Again, according to the advertisement, the course features:

  • Small searchable segments
  • Works with the mobile app Teachable platform, if multitasking is your thing
  • Includes a module for creating your business plan with a possible template.

I’ll try to let you know when Author Media offers their new mini-course on how to make money, too, when I can.

Am I officially endorsing this? No. I haven’t tried it. I’m just spreading the word in case it’s helpful.

If you try it out, I’d LOVE to hear/post a review of it! One of my biggest fears regarding self-publishing centers on tax responsibilities. I no longer even sell my own books, because, people, there are city, county, state, and federal taxes that can be involved!!! CRAZY! In addition to reporting my own spending, profit, loss, etc! <shudder>

Any other tax resources you know about? After all, not only is tax season approaching, so is Lent! There will be mortification of the flesh and all. 😉

Write on!

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