Are Lutherans Still Blogging?

I used to keep a list of Lutheran bloggers, but blogs are sort of dropping in and out of existence, as they always have, so I stopped maintaining the page. Still, an occasional post to remind you that Lutherans are still blogging might be helpful to some. 🙂

I’m actually pretty much stealing this from a Facebook post and haven’t looked through them all. <Shrug> 

Alphabetical Order sounds fair:

Blah, blah, many have moved onto podcasts and vlogs. More power to them. I’m still blogging. If you’d like to recommend a blog, podcast, vlog, etc., feel free, but as for me and my house, this post is long enough. 😀



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  1. K Fischer

    I know Lutherans who blog, but not many who write primarily theological posts. I tried keeping a theology blog, but caring for kids kind of buzzed it out of my brain.

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