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In case you’re curious about some of the reviews I hope to get to, here’s something of a review list. I have a ton of non-fiction that I’d love to read, but, to be honest, my kids are young enough that sometimes non-fiction still makes me sleepy. Sad but true. So this will be a review list of fiction and lighter non-fiction. Please do give me the credit to think I have vast tomes I plan to get to eventually, ha ha ha, and if you’ve sent me something to review and it’s not on the list, by all means send me a little reminder. Thanks!

Bit of a Review List, in No Particular Order

After Christmas I stocked up on the following:

Lars Walker! I picked up what I hope completes my set:


Also found this gem:


Though I still need to get this one!!!
Also plan to review this one by Lutheran author, blogger, podcaster, etc., Rebecca Lemke:
I think I’m otherwise mostly caught up, although I have other Lutheran-written stuff on my shelf. But this is where I’m starting, unless you contact me with either a book or a reminder that I’ve misplaced something you sent me. 🙂 Fair? (BTW, if you’ve sent me something pre-publication, that’s a different category in my mind. I’m reading those, too!)
Last but not least, don’t forget to sign up, and get excited for, the Lutheran writers’ conference! Registration is now open (AND FREE) for “Here I Write: I Can Do No Other“! 

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