Ruth is on my mind for a number of reasons. First, my dad’s been leading a Bible study on it. Second, did you see that Shadow Among Sheaves kindle is on sale for $.99?! And, third, I saw a blog post referring to Ruth: More than a Love Story by Lutheran Deaconess Elizabeth Ahlman.

Elizabeth’s book is really great. I’m not sure how I haven’t formally reviewed it! I kept bringing it up in my dad’s Bible study! It’s the sort of study that stays with you.

But to give you a snippet of just how good it gets, I’ll point you to a fellow Lutheran author & blogger, Ruth Meyer at Truth Notes, specifically her post, “God’s First Words.” Super intriguing!

Folks, Elizabeth Ahlman restores my belief that women’s Bible studies can be written for theologically-minded gals like me. 🙂 So support her! And support books like that! 

I’ll also link to  Shadow Among Sheaveswhich I reviewed here. My preference would be for you to support books like that one, too.


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  1. Elizabeth Ahlman

    I keep hearing good things about Shadow Among Sheaves!

    Thank you for the mention! I’m so honored!

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