It Must Be the Noodles

Another Lutheran author! I’m so pleased to introduce you to Lutheran author, poet, and retired pastor Ray Spitzenberger. 🙂 He’s graciously sent in a guest post, but even before we get to that, I’d like to turn your attention to his book, It Must Be the Noodles & Other Wendish Stories from Mama’s Texas Kitchen. You may have to take it from me, but Wendish noodles are amazing!! As is Wendish potato salad!! 

A sequel is already in the works and both sound absolutely charming! 

Guest Post by Rev. Spitzenberger

How exciting for me to discover a Community for Lutheran Writers, appropriately named, “Meet, Write, & Saluatory”!  Even though I was a poet/writer and English teacher before I entered the Pastoral Ministry, as an active LCMS parish pastor and now as a retired Servant of the Word, my sense of Christian ethics kept me from “tooting my own horn,” so to speak.  That is to say, promote myself as a published writer/poet and author of a light-hearted book, It Must Be the Noodles, about growing up Wendish in Lee County, Texas. 
As a prose writer, I am a humorist, and my poetry is more about the beauty of nature and natural philosophy than theology.  It was uncomfortable to have one foot in the secular literary world and the other in the wonderful world of Lutheran parishioners and church workers.  Maybe, as writers, you have felt that way, too, almost with a sense of guilt that you feel so passionate about poetry or about nostalgic stories from the good old days of the 1940’s.  So you can imagine my delight when my writer/photographer friend and fellow Lutheran, Jeremy Clifton, told me about Mary J. and Meet, Write, and Salutary, a community of folks where “Lutheran” and “writer” come together and offer fellowship and book promotion and support. 
My book, It Must Be the Noodles, is on sale at for $9.99, and I have begun work on a second book, Everything Else but the Noodles.  My poems have been published in numerous literary magazines, and there is in my book a long, narrative poem I wrote as part of the last chapter.  My weekly blogs can be viewed on, “Wend Blogs – Ray Spitzenberger – Spitzen-Noodle”.  And I invite you to “like” my Facebook Page, “Ray Spitzenberger, Author and Artist @WendWriterWhittler.  Oh, and I do some art.  But that’s another story!
In Christian love,
Rev. Dr. Raymond D. Spitzenberger, LCMS Pastor Emeritus
Thanks, Ray! And, readers, let me tell you that having read some of his poetry, it’s beautiful, moving, and at times crafted in such a succinct manner! Poignant & lovely!

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