Kurt Weber

I learned about something delightful that I get to share about. 🙂 It falls more under Lutheran resource than Lutheran authors, though maybe I can argue that composing is writing, too! For your pleasure: Hymns That I Love: Solo Piano arrangements of Confessional Hymnscomposed and arranged by Kurt Weber.

Kurt is a Lutheran musician who often plays during the Divine Service. Now he’s made his music available. The book of music and CD are available through his website here. Or you can get mp3s through Amazon (which I linked to since I get occasional pennies through Amazon Affiliate links). 🙂 
He also has a YouTube channel well worth visiting. It’s sure to perk up your day!
Pieces include:

PS. This does make me think it’d be neat to have a list of Lutheran musicians. It might be terribly difficult to put together, maintain, and organize for its various potential uses. Hmm. I’d love a list of recorded Lutheran musicians. I’d love a list of Lutheran composers. But maybe most of all I’d love one of YOU, dear readers, to find or create it for me. Ha haaaa. Sorry. Just too much on my plate. Though I’d be happy to help gather info! 🙂

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