Congratulations. We made it to another Friday.

I’ve been doing a hodge podge of projects and finally wrapped some up: specifically, a) supplemental Lutheran religious material for Latin learners, and b) a guide to thees, thous, etc. Those are both now on sale at I’ve also more or less decided on a new name for my book of poetry.

What do you folks know about SmashWords? Or buying your own ISBN numbers? Also, can someone just tell me that eventually I’ll take these final few steps and get this thing out there? It’s become the never-ending project! It’s gone so far back on my back burner I forget it’s there til it burns!

(A year ago it was all set through Amazon and then craziness happened and my entire Amazon self-publishing account was somehow lost. Gone. Nada. Even though the whole thing was formatted with cover, front material, back material . . . sigh. But it happens. And you know what? The world continues to turn. Could be so much worse. More time can cultivate a better manuscript!)

Actually. I should probably start gathering a launch team? Whew. How do people do it?! The DETAILS! The interactions with actual PEOPLE! 😉

Anyway. It’s Friday. Yay. 🙂 Wishing you a blessed weekend!

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