Embracing Tension

Embracing tension. I wonder if it’s a lost or simply unpracticed art.

I first thought of it in those terms when I started hitting the gym on a more regular basis. I wasn’t enjoying what I did, yet I was learning to be intentional in embracing tension. It struck me that perhaps there is virtue tucked away in that.

Aren’t there tensions we want, like a good challenge once in a while? Then obviously there are those we don’t want whatsoever!

Embracing tension won’t always make us stronger. I dare say we face tensions that are simply a sad result of the fallen world and crumbling circumstance. But embracing tension is often part of our God-given relationships. 

Maybe embracing tension is one way to practice figuratively embracing one another. Maybe embracing tension is just one of several ways to react to a fallen world. Still, I suspect God can twist it into a good, as He does so many other things. 🙂

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