Writing Partner

Sometimes I wish I could have a writing partner. Well. Ok. Often I wish I could have a writing partner.

Right now I wish I had a writing partner who could take my concept and characters and figure out a plot. Ha ha haaa! Someone who could actually find the time and energy to type this up, brainstorm like crazy, and get it further outlined!

I have a couple characters and scenarios started. Five chapters outlined? I have some dialogue in mind. It’s a Lutheran dystopian, but right now it’s just way too dull. It’s all set up and world building and all the answers to questions no one has bothered to write yet. I’m all scenario and no development. <sigh>

Ugh. I love ideas, but I’m so tired of backlogged ideas. It’s just not the right time for me to write this thing yet. <headdesk>

You know what I want if I can’t have a writing partner? An assistant! Oh, to just finish the details from a few other projects! That just cannot . . . seem . . . to get done! 

Meanwhile, I’ve got a bunch of company coming to visit. And Michael’s birthday next week. So that’s exciting!

(When do I get calm and peaceful time again? January? <headdesk, headdesk, headdesk>)

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